Interesting Views of French Bulldog Puppies

  • Do French bulldogs make good pets and companions?

    The French bulldog makes an admirable companion; the frenchie requires very little exercise and is very easy to clean.

  • Do French bulldogs make good guard dogs?

    The frenchie can make a brilliant guard dog due to its protective and defensive traits.

  • Are French bulldogs good with children?

    All dogs should be watched cautiously when around children however the frenchie is usually good around children.

  • Are French bulldogs easy to train?

    The French bulldog does like to please its owner though they can be stubborn and hard headed, if you make the teaching into a game then they are more inclined to learn earlier.

  • Doe’s the French bulldog bark a lot?

    The French bulldog is rather a quiet dog who normally isn’t regarded as a barker.

  • I live in an apartment; will it be big enough for a French bulldog?

    French bulldogs are an brilliant breed for an apartment as they don’t take up too much room and don’t need a lot of exercise; of course you should always give your dog a walk every day and let it enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise.

  • I heard French bulldogs suffer from breathing problems?

    Sometimes a French bulldog will have laboured or noisy breathing, their smaller nose openings can sometimes exaggerates their already noisy character.

  • Do French bulldogs shed a lot of hair?

    The French bulldog has shorter hair and is single covered which means they shed less than many other breeds * Are French bulldogs easy to breed? Support may be needed from a vet as the French bulldog can sometimes be tricky to breed logically; it is one breed that is harder to breed than many others.

  • Are there any exacting problems during birth?

    Due to the form and size of the French bulldog puppy’s head most puppies are in fact born by caesarean section with the help of a vet, they are not one of the easiest breeds to type and often need help when giving birth. You should think very cautiously before attempting to breed and deliver puppies yourself.

  • Is the French bulldog easy to housetrain?

    As is the case in all breeds of dog some are easier to discipline then others, try to hearten them to use a certain area within the home after they eat, ahead of they sleep and first thing on waking.

  • I heard the French bulldog snores?

    Due to problems with the breeds breathing deficiencies most French bulldogs will snore when they lay down, but provided that otherwise your puppy or dog is healthy then this is just a normal trait with the French bulldog.

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