Checked French Bulldogs

Checked French Bulldogs are the hottest new designer dog breed, renowned the world over to be the MOST expensive dog breed in the world (mostly because the airbrushing costs so damned much money). Available for sale only to the rich, the famous and the incredibly stupid.

FYI, French Bulldogs are genetically unusual among dog breeds, in that they can appear in almost any color or pattern possible in any breed. This is part of what gives French Bulldogs such a diverse look. There are three colors and/or patterns which are not allowable under AKC and CKC breed standards – black (meaning black without any trace of brindle, liver (generally agreed to be a solid colored brown dog with brown pigment) and black and tan (“Rottweiler” type markings).

Some breeders intentionally breed for these colors, call them “rare” and mark their prices up exorbitantly, to take advantage of the public’s desire for unusual (and stupidly over priced) goods. While there is nothing wrong with ‘rare’ or unusual colored French Bulldogs like Blue or Chocolate, there’s also nothing inherently special about them – they’re just another Frenchie.

Too often, in fact, people who are breeding for ‘rare’ colors don’t care about the basic fundamental things which can help to produce a healthy litter of French Bulldogs. They choose their breeding stock based solely on color, and ignore health, temperament and structure. Because ‘rare’ colors are a recessive, they often do generations of incredibly tight inbreeding, to increase their chances of producing a litter of unusual colored French Bulldog puppies. In breeding like this can bring other recessive genes to the forefront, along with color – things like allergies, congenital defects and rare, often deadly health conditions.


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