Behavior to Enjoy and challenge in With Your French bulldog

Musical Freestyle - "Doggie Dancing"

Canine Freestyle - also known as "Doggie Dancing", "Musical Freestyle", "Heel Work to Music", or just plain "Freestyle", is an unbelievable ballet between dog and trainer, all set to music.

The team of dog and handler achieve intricate movements timed to the beat of the music they have chosen, with the over all affect of a dance among owner and dog. Musical styles selected range from country to rock or dance. You can do a funny routine, an athletic one, or a fluidly graceful act, all designed to enhance your dog's strongest abilities. Most handlers choose to attire themselves and their dogs in costumes appropriate to the music they have selected. The orders the handler gives to the dog during their performance together are usually subtle verbal cues and hand signals, joint with body language. As routines in Freestyle are performed off lead, a well skilled and reliable dog is essential, and most competitors enter into it from agreement, or at the very least with carefully obedience trained dogs.

Freestyle, as a relatively new sport, is not yet an official Happy Kennel Club occasion in most countries. However a great popular of the handlers take it quite gravely, and there are competitions within the various Free Style Organizations for Best Teams and Performance. We are not alert at this time of any French Bulldogs taking part in Freestyle, so there is no design for this segment. If you know of any person with a French bulldog who takes part in Freestyle, we'd love to hear from them.

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